3 Happy Things for Sunday- Orange is the New Black Edition

by - Monday, June 09, 2014

1. Theming our breakfast- We ate off these trays all day and tried to eat orange food (the challenge is that the last 24 hours were a fridge defrosting day, so we have to basically eat everything out of the fridge). I love committing to a theme.
2. Morello- Last season, the third episode, about Sophia, announced that this was no normal comedy, and it felt like it made a new space for their storytelling while also being really hilarious and heartbreaking at the same time. That episode showed exactly what the show was and what it could be. This season, the episode on Morello, the fourth episode, was really exciting in the same way ,because it showed what the second season could be. It was shocking- we were yelling at the television, and it totally changed how we saw that character and her story. This is why you come back for a second season of tv (probably less to see Larry and Piper's friend circle around each other). I loved it. So excited to see more, but I don't want it to be over too soon!
3. Poussey- They must have realized what a huge resource they have in that performer, because they are giving her so many beautiful things to do and great moments this season. Her scene in the library last year was one of the best of the season, so I am glad she has even more to do.

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