12 Things for this Weekend

by - Tuesday, June 24, 2014

1. Watching Birth of a Nation, 10 minutes at a time- I am still in the Civil War, but it breaks my spirit every time. Wow, this thing is just the worst. It even comes with an interview with the director talking about how great it is in the beginning. But I will get through it, or at least a lot closer to the end (it is 3 and a half hours long), before I condemn it forever. It could get better, right? Less blackface and racism?

2. The Boy working from home-He worked all day and stained all evening (I couldn't help, so I organized the basement), but it was just nice to have someone nearby. Last week, I had a lot of days at home for various reasons (this week is the opposite- totally packed!), and it just gets very lonely. I don't know how people do this as a career.

3. A new planner!!!- I got a myagenda, which is a new/ less maternal version of momAgenda. It is really different from what I have had before, but I think it will make more sense for my life now. They split your to do list into categories, which I think makes a lot more sense when your life isn't myopically about one thing (like a dissertation, for example). Plus, it is shiny.

4. Finishing the deck-It was a lot of work (this is a middle stage I think), mostly for the Boy, but at least now we have done the bare minimum that our yard doesn't fall apart this year while we are trying to figure out so many things at once. We can always actually step it up later, but now the wood won't rot away and hopefully the morning glory won't take over.

5. Scaring the neighbors with some aggressively pop music- These are just flowers my mom sent me, which are beautiful but unrelated. Our next door neighbor is a drummer in a rock band, so I think must have really loved Friday and Saturday's music marathoning. So much Britney Spears and Beyonce. This is why I love my husband.

6. The crazy upswing in interest in soccer- Everyone cares this year. Well, I still don't, but I find the mass enthusiasm just fascinating. What happened that everyone cares about soccer now? Are we all becoming more fancy and European? And if that is true, why don't they sell my Milka bar at the grocery store?

7. Menchie's (and their spoons)-We thought Menchie's was a Southern Californian thing, but we saw one driving between Home Depots (we were getting the cheapest table!), and we had to stop, because they have cute spoons and they remind me of my brother and his fancy.

8. The way antique stores smell- I love antique stores, and I think we would like to be the kind of people who antique, but if the store is too big, it just gets so intimidating. Plus, you always get attached to something that wouldn't fit in your actual house, so I imagine being a successful antique-r requires a patience we don't really have. When you see how much beautiful furniture already exists in the world, it does make you question why we all buy new stuff, when we could save trees by just getting something already made. But then you can never decide on things, so that is the trick. No matter what, I love the way they smell, because it feels sad and welcoming at once. It reminds me of my Great Grandma in a way that breaks my heart and makes me feel at home at the same time.

9. Naked Bicyclists- We rushed through the Fremont Fair (apparently not everyone enjoys these things, which is ridiculous, because a good community fair is one of the best things ever), and a definite highlight were the naked bicyclists, who really took their nudity to another level with themes and costumes and body paint. I didn't expect to see a crowd of golden, naked Cleopatras bicycling down the street (maybe ever? It's a very specific thing to see), but everyone looked amazing and were clearly embracing the weirdness. This is a Seattle staple we are coming back to next year (and dressing up at least a little, or you miss out some of the fun).

10. Marcel the Shell-I am sure everyone has seen this youtube video by now, but if you haven't, go look up Marcel the Shell. It is excessively cute and just the right amount of sad. I personally like the first one better, but I hear the second one is more popular.

11.Our kitchen has only one fridge, and it works!!!- They finally came and took our fridge away yesterday at like 6:30 (they told us 2:30, which isn't a big deal, but it does illustrate how resilient and horrible the previous fridge was). We finally have room to twirl again while we cook. Also, there isn't anything immediately wrong with the house that we have to fix this second. Let's all agree a corner has been turned, and hopefully the house will go with it as well.

12. Working until midnight on something- We are turning in a grant tomorrow for CoCA, and we are collaborating to get these documents finished. The strange joy of having something I have to do is making me really happy right now, even if it has been quite the time suck. Being busy and having goals are good for the soul.

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  1. Number 9- YES. And moving to a new place to discover all the different fairs in a new area.