Gussing Up Inspiration for May and What Worked in April

by - Saturday, May 03, 2014

Gussing Up for May

Now that it is getting springy, I have been lusting over dresses and tops that are light with pretty embroidery on them. I don't know if this is my hippie side, or I just wish I could live on an island in Greece (truth), or what. You can't deny these just look like warm weather.

I have also been looking at lots of white lace tops with jeans. I ordered one, but it did not look good, so it is already on its way back. Can't win them all, but I still think this look is really pretty and springy!

from Maria Reisinho
The blunt bangs are back and I am already feeling a little less dumpy (that is the real battle I will be fighting this month, so I am hoping to get creative about gussing up for spring! We will see how it goes!

What worked in April

Truthfully, It felt like I spent most of  April not looking so fresh, so there isn't much to see here. When you spend so much of your time pulling your house and yard together, I think sartorial concerns take a back seat. I think May will be better,actually got my hair cut so things will hopefully get less "at least I'm not naked."

 The museum where I am volunteering has dictated the wardrobe a bit. You have to get down on the floor and play and move around, so the first priority is that you aren't teaching them any lessons about human anatomy. It has to be cut high and not have any hang out in the middle (though really, who wants to see that anyway?

 I love Easter, and I love dressing up. My dad bought me this beautiful dress last year for Christmas, and I really wanted to wear it. The challenge was that I am pretty chesty in it, so I felt a little exposed, but all is all, it is a great dress.

In Seattle, it is starting to get really warm (thank goodness for being back in a place with real seasons!), so people are getting out their sundresses. This is one of my favorites. It is also really fun to see what other women are wearing now that it is nice out.

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