Bumbo Bump Watch- The First Trimester

by - Wednesday, May 28, 2014

So, I don't want the blog to be overtaken by the adorable parasite who has taken over my body, but I thought I would do a check in on Wednesdays, for those who are interested. Since you already missed the first 14 weeks, let's check the highlights:

Week 6
Week 8
Week 9
Week 10

Week 12
Week 13
How Far Along: This one recounts the first 13, but we will do one at a time from here on out. I guess I could have been writing these as I went, but I was too busy sleeping.

Best Moment of the Week: Oh boy, I guess the best part of the first trimester was telling certain people. Finding out, to be honest, was a real interruption of our housework and 30 Rock marathoning (I kid, sort of). We found out 7 days after moving into our new house, so it felt like a whole lot to happen at once (it still does, you apparently are only supposed to talk about your joy and excitement and so forth, but let's be honest, the good feels and scared feels happen at once). It also meant that I needed to dive into trying to find a job before I started to show, which has been a mixed bag. As the weeks went on, and our house stopped resembling a crime scene, we got to have more fun with it. It was fun to see everyone be so excited.

Most Interesting Prego Quirk: I had such an easy first trimester. My Mom basically puked her guts out for both of her pregnancies, as well as developing allergies to everything worth eating. We should buy that lady more presents. I fully expected to spend three months keeping nothing down, but my nausea was lackluster and I won no medals for maternity martyrdom. For serious, no weird cravings, no food aversions, and I can still eat whatever I want.All I did was sleep. I would sleep 12 hours a night and then nap in the afternoon. No one has ever been better at sleeping. Also, no one tells you this, but no matter what weird thing is happening to you, it can somehow be explained by your pregnancy. Women must obsessively compare notes because each sets of randoms is completely individual. Hilarious.

I Would Really Like Some: My first trimester, I just wanted all the food. Everything sounded good. So basically the same as my normal life. Also, as soon as people tell you that you can't have something, it is all you want. So, if I had my way, I would have spent 10 weeks eating lunch meat, sushi, and drinking Mai Tai's. I cannot wait to drink a Mai Tai.

Bizarro Thing No One Warned me About:  At your 11 week ultrasound, your spawn looks a whole lot like an alien. Everyone shows the sweet profile picture because the ears are on the baby's neck and their eyes are on the side of the face like a blow fish. It has such sweet fingers and toes, but the face is not cute. I think I am supposed to love Bumbo Baby so much that I don't notice that it looks like I will be giving birth to a neon green alien, but apparently I am not that mom.

And The Boy?: He read early on about early brain development and spent the whole time feeding me salmon, which apparently really helps the brain. He also pushes exercise, because he read women who stay active during pregnancy have babies with an on average 5 point higher IQ (I think we can all agree there is a question of causation here, but anything to get him to do the Summer Sanders Prego-cardio with me). I am pretty sure if Bumbo Baby comes out with that Edvard Munch face, The Boy will be fine as long as it's a whip. 

Looking Forward to:  I was looking forward to getting out of the first trimester so I had enough energy to do at least 3 things a day (for the record, it is the bomb).

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