6 Things I Loved for Yesterday and Friday- Shari's Berries, Food Trucks, Random Trips, and Eurovision's First Half

by - Sunday, May 18, 2014

1. Staring at the Shari's Berries website- What is wrong with me? Lusting over chocolate covered fruit is not a productive way to spend your time. Trying to justify a purchase in your head that they are somehow a surprise for your husband is just not right. Thanks a lot, Nana, for getting me hooked on this nonsense.
2. Finishing my art class! It's over. I don't even have to care about my grade particularly, and I figure in a week or two I will stop finding charcoal on myself and our furniture. I enjoyed having an assigned art project for myself every week, but it certainly didn't live up to my hopes, so I think I will just self-assign for a while. Also, what do I do with these creepy plaster casts in my house?
3. Finally locating Where Ya At Matt- Man, they lived up to their name. We couldn't find this food truck to save our life, but we finally tracked it down on Friday. I wanted to bring back Food Truck Fridays, but this may not be the ticket. Especially if we never find it again.

4. Unexpected trips to Seattle Center and the surrounding area- We had to drop the car off to get work done (ah, dear Neon, you keep us busy), and rather than just take the bus back to our house, we just kept going so I could show the Boy where I am working. When you move, you have all these grand ambitions of what you could do, but a certain amount of time gets spent bonding/ de-wrecking your house. It felt like a luxury to head off in whatever direction we felt like.

5. Toulous-Petit- This includes trying out a genuinely awesome Creole restaurant nearby for lunch. We even showed up at 11:30, after the breakfast rush and before the lunch rush, so we didn't have to get through the giant crowds this restaurant seems to pull. Favorite place in Seattle so far. Anything spicy and covered in green onion will win over my heart pretty easily. Plus, it added to the general treatiness of the day to just land at a place that was so great.
6. The first half of Eurovision- I paid for my cutesy outing later with a techie get together (who can complain, it is always good to earn some points)- these things wouldn't be too bad but very often there is alcohol involved, and the only thing worse than being the only sober person at a party is being the only sober person at a party who does not care about what programs the host is running on their computer, who does not have pent up frustrations with women, and who does not like to take shots and eat ham. Sigh. On the bright side, I kept my mouth shut, therefore not making things awkward for The Boy at work. On the even brighter side, Eurovision was kind of amazing. I loved the cheesy performances and the BBC host cracked me up. Back on the dark side, the thing is about a million years long, so all the campiness and sparkles has worn off by the time they get through the endless voting and scoring sections. Also on the dark side, the only way to make a 3 hour show more endless is to have relentless pausing by the party's host so he can explain the rules/ history/ scoring/ how he would like to put his dick in someone's mouth to everyone. Because one of the most charming things about successful nerds is that even when you put 100 of them in a room together, each one is independently convinced that they are the smartest one and need to help everyone else out. The penis business was actually brought on by his girlfriend, who was really putting in an effort to be one of the guys or to say sexual things that didn't make sense or to call literally everyone a hipster (I think she thinks that means anyone who is cooler than her, which may in fact be everyone) or she just kept yelling to make me said because the tech industry really is as sexist as it has the reputation for, and internalized misogyny is just the worst. That girl is the worst. On the other hand (trying to be positive here!), the dresses were really sparkly and they showed clips of ABBA more than once. Also, a drag queen from Austria won, so you know I was pleased with that.

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