6 Things for Monday and Tuesday- Conferencing

by - Wednesday, May 21, 2014

1. Jean Arthur- I do not love Jimmy Stewart, but I do love that he is so ridiculously sweet that even Frank Capra has to pair him with sassier lady. Jean Arthur is totally awesome as a woman working in DC, so jaded that she thinks he is trying to play her. They have her scream way too much toward the end, but I refuse to believe she chose to compromise her badassery, because even her yelps are often pretty directive to that goober. The Boy swears up and down that I saw that movie before. It did feel familiar, but that isn't saying too too much. Arthur keeps it fresher.
2. Fruit salad- Trying to improve our snacking, health-wise. Currently, that effort is failing. Still, we are now eating a couple cups of fruit salad a day, so it can't be all bad. Extra regards to the cantalope, which is really good this time.

3.Exercise walks (for ice cream)- Ice cream is currently about a mile away. A 2 mile walk with ice cream cancels out both the good and the bad right? Plus, the weather feels so great and its good to spend some time with The Boy. Also, Ben and Jerry's is way better than Baskin Robin's.

4. PAG!!! Yesterday was his birthday, and I am hoping he had an awesome one! Or at least as awesome as this collection of Pag pictures (pagictures? pagtography? I'll figure out how to tword it).
5. Working the AAM bookstore- I expected my volunteer experiences at the conference to be a real bummer, but I enjoyed my time getting to know other volunteers and working the cash register. I have never had a job where I got to check people out before, so I found it weirdly fun.
6. Zoodles- My Mother in Law bought us one of those spiral cutters for vegetables, and yesterday the Boy tried making zucchini noodles. They were surprisingly awesome. No complaints.

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