3 Things I'm Grateful for from Yesterday- Conferences, Legos, and a Great Pen

by - Monday, May 19, 2014

1. The overwhelming joy and absolute terror of professional conferences- Talk about things I thought I would be free of post-grad school, but I am glad that this is a continuing thread in my life. Hearing others speak so enthusiastically about what they are doing and how they perceive the labor that you share always makes you aware of your own blind spots and shortcomings, but also drives you to work harder, to push yourself further, and to think more critically about the job in front of you. Even as a most unemployed educator, I left the event feeling driven.
2. Jan Vorman and the Columbus Museum of Art- Even if you haven't heard of Jan Vorman, you would recognize his work if you saw it (the legos filling out gaps in architecture? You know you have seen it). The Colombus Museum collaborated with the artist for their family programs (though they are moving away from that title) to have visitors be creative in a similar way. I just thought it was a genius choice.
3. The empowering catalyst of a great pen (my favorite being the Precise V5) and a new week on the planner- Also, finally being out of the phase where I sleep the majority of the day. I feel like I am regaining my steam.

Bonus: Really fresh Mozarella. Preferably with tomatoes, grilled corn, and really good balsamic vinegar. Sunday dinners in our house ,when the tool box and Clarence the foot stool could finally be put away, because things don't immediately need done. It just feels like things are finally starting to align and we may just survive this whole move thing. With cheese this delicious, we may even be thriving!

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