3 Things for Yesterday- Bumbo Baby's Heartbeat, Straw Memes, and Barely Surviving Birth of a Nation

by - Saturday, May 24, 2014

1. We heard the baby's heartbeat- For those of you who don't know, I am pregnant! With spawn! So far, it looks like an alien, but with really cute fingers and toes, so future intergalactic hands model? I am at about 15 weeks now, and we have tried to find a doctor (fast) in Seattle that we like (also, the poor quality of the blogging lately is due to my new number one passtime- napping). This has not been a successful venture, but yesterday we finally found someone/a hospital we liked. Not only was she not weird and condescending, but she is the first person who found Bumbo Baby's heartbeat- 155! So finding our doctor and hearing the heartbeat were the most exciting things that happened yesterday.
2. Current Memes floating around about some of the easily preventable waste we have as humans- Did you realize that we throw out enough straws a year that it takes up the same amount of space as 355,000 cars? Honestly, this could be a bold-faced lie, but it does feel true if you have ever worked as a server at a restaurant. If nothing else, these kinds of memes  make you reflect on the fact that unless you are a little kid, you probably don't need to use that straw once just to be thrown away. Just drink your water like you do at home. We can all do a better job as stewards, and it was a good reminder to keep trying to do better.
3. My current program to watch 10 minutes of Birth of a Nation a day- Do you know, at the beginning of this movie, there is a conversation with the director just to congratulate ourselves on how great the movie is? Also, to talk about how necessary and good-doing the Klu Klux Klan was? This is making me nervous. Should I watch Intolerance instead?

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