3 Things for Yesterday- Bob, Tacos with Rayan, and PA Marriage!!!!!!

by - Thursday, May 22, 2014

1. Watching the window washer with Bob- I volunteered at AAM again yesterday, and this time I worked as a greeter. My counterpart was Bob, who volunteers at SAM for a program for seniors (Bob is a retired architect who turns 80 this year). He gave me lots of great advice about Seattle and told me some awesome stories about his parents who met in Java, lived in Hamburg and Holland. Also, Franklin, Pennsylvania. They lived in Franklin in the thirties and he has never been there, but he has read the letters they wrote to family about it. Sometimes the world is small and amazing all at the same time (very often, I find this feeling when I talk to people my grandparents' age). Also, I never want to be this guy. I don't mind heights, and I still don't want to be this guy.
2. Our first dinner guest at home- You know what is great about having a house? We have room to have at least a couple people over to eat before things get really awkward. We had our first dinner at our house with friends, and The Boy looked so happy. If we could have dinners and board games at our house once a week for the rest of our lives, he would be a happy camper. The trick is that most of our loved ones live 5+ hours away, so it is tricky to have them over for dinner.
3. The Pennsylvania Same-Sex Marriage Ban has been struck down!!! What what!!!! Extremely excited about this great news.

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