3 Things for Yesterday- Appropriately Named Food Trucks, Pizza Toppings, and Seattle Radio

by - Saturday, May 03, 2014

1. The Elusive Where Ya At Matt foodtruck (and the chaos that happens after we can't find it)- I have been trying desperately to bring back Foodtruck Friday, because I loved that tradition, and I feel like we need to start getting more Seattle-y with our routine, or else what was the point of moving? Anyway, the truck announced on Facebook that it was coming to the Hop Shop nearby, where we missed it once before, but once we got there, it still wasn't there! When I looked it up, they had written "Nevermind! We will be there next week" This wouldn't seem like a big deal, but The Boy cannot mentally process when the plan changes, so it took a long time for us to recover. Someday, this plan will work, and in the meantime, we may have finally found a good fit for a pizza delivery place- thank goodness!
2. Garlic, green pepper, and sausage on pizza- these are the only ingredients you need for things to be awesome.
3. Seattle Radio Stations- Specifically, that i hear Boys 2 Men almost every day. They are a lot less committed to what is cool this very second, but it means that you hear a lot more variety in the music. It makes me think that everyone in the city is 25 to 35.

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