3 Happy Things for Yesterday- Gainsbourg Fries, Not that Dido, and a New Movie Theater

by - Saturday, May 31, 2014

1. Gainsbourg's french fries- We tried a new restaurant in Greenwood, which had a French/ bar food combo going on. It had a feel that was perhaps too cool for us, but they also had really good french fries, so I will have to work on my persona.

2. Dido in Belle (but not her boyfriend so much)- I wanted to love Belle. I wanted to love this film so much.Gugu Mbatha-Raw was so good in it, and she elevated the lines, which needed at least one more rewrite, by filling the space with genuine emotion and change. Tom Wilkinson pulled off the same trick, so when they have a lot of screen time together, you almost forget how much nonsense is going on. Then, Sam Reid shows up, and he looks like he is going to cry under the weight of his douschey self-seriousness at every moment. He was ridiculous, and his presence only highlighted that the movie wanted to be a heady political drama and a Jane Austen romance all at once, but isn't clever or thoughtful enough to be either. Really, I wanted to love the movie, but the finale rings completely of Hollywood falseness that you just couldn't walk away feeling alright about it. Also, why would we spend half the movie proving how she doesn't fit in anywhere to put her in a shiny purple cape and suddenly become invisible? It made no sense! The movie was beautiful to look at, the ideas were good, but it never lands as well as it should, and it gets worse not better. But Mbatha-Raw gives a performance that transcends the material (she has a great silent scene early on in front of the mirror that just destroys).

3. Finding a movie theater that reminded me of the Cranberry Mall- Only 6 screens, films that are either too indie or too out of date to be in the nice theaters- if they show old movies this will be my place.

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