3 Happy Things for the Last 2 Days- Mall Walking, A Dead Fridge, and Resulting Crabbiness

by - Thursday, May 29, 2014

1. Mall walking- At that point, our fridge was so loud and unruly, and we just needed to get away from it, so we found ourselves walking laps around the Northgate Mall, which actually reminds me of the Erie Mall. A little old lady-ish? Why, yes, but since my ultimate goal is to be an elderly woman, it really was 6,000 steps in the right direction.
2. Finishing very old projects- I have started doubling back and finishing craft projects that didn't get the proper attention before. Also, considering making our Christmas ornaments for this year now. Is that weird?
3. Green Appliance Repair- Favorite people we have had work on our house so far, and that seems like a big accomplishment considering someone is always working on our freaking house. You know a professional is on their game if they can tell you that your fridge hates you and you will most likely have to replace it, and you still think they are wonderful. Our fridge hates us. You don't realize how much you need your fridge until you don't have a working one two days in a row for weeks. I am super bummed we have to get a new one, but I am really looking forward to being able to cook in our house again. Nothing looks better when all you've eaten is take out.
4. Zines from '96- Currently going through all the old materials at COCA, and yesterday I cataloged the binder for an alt expo in 1996. Beyond having a huge collection of pretty amazing and random zines and a ton of interviews and the CV of Vaginal Creme Davis, there are also early CV's and materials for Team Dresh and Sleater Kinney, both of who were potentially going to play at the event. I mean, how cool is that? Plus, there are summer interns now, so when I go to COCA, I can actually interact with other human beings, not just piles and piles of papers.
5. Listening to Maya Angelou read "Still I Rise"- Thank you, NPR. She has an amazing voice. Have you ever read something she said and not felt empowered to be braver? To be kinder? She lived through so much, knew so many great people, and was genuinely great herself, but in a way that makes anyone feel like they could be great. Her passing is incredibly sad.
6. That my truly cranky days are few and far between- Yesterday, by the end of the day, I was just SOUR. I can't remember the last time I just was in no mood for anything. I think part of the issue was that there is no food in our house but what can be frozen, since only our feezer works, so everything that is left is pretty carb-y, and I may have crashed. I don't know, but I just had enough. I feel really worn out from the job hunt, from a house where something new comes up every time we seem to be making progress, and where we just feel really alone. Sometimes, you just need someone nearby to be willing to take some of the stuff from your busted fridge. I just felt over it, but you know, The Boy talked me into doing Zumba, and by the end I was laughing. I feel much better this morning, though I need to get up and start laundry, but I haven't yet. Still, today will be a better day.

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