10 Things for this Week

by - Friday, May 02, 2014

1. Ben and Jerry's and Mio Sushi dates- You know you have made some good decisions in life if an ice cream place (and an alright sushi place next door) happen to be about the halfway spot between the bus stop and your house. If anyone sees me eating anything other than the kid size though, please tackle me. The last time we lived in Seattle, we went off the deep end with our snacking/desserting/ice creaming, and it was the biggest I have ever been. It was wonderful, but we live here permanently now! Yay for ice cream!!!
2. Our Bed (if only there was a mattress)- We got a bed for our bedroom! One step closer to being able to use it! On the other hand, we have to get a box spring and mattress, and that apparently costs a whole second load of money. Something to look forward to for later this summer!
3. That all our bathroom stuff is no longer spread all over the dining room floor- We also got the bathroom cabinet we ordered way back in March the same day. Before this week, all our bathroom stuff was taking over the dining room, and who doesn't like having that front and center in their house? So other than some rogue art that still needs a home (see- everything that is not up in the living room), we no longer have visible signs around every corner that we just moved in. Considering today is the 2 month anniversary of us moving in, I feel pretty proud of the progress!

4. Braided rug tutorials- This is my new crafty goal. I will let you know how it goes once I feel confident enough to really get started. But they look beautiful, and I think I can make one for less than 100 dollars, as opposed to the HUNDREDS of dollars for the rugs we have mostly seen. Plus, they remind me of my Grammy, so you know it is good.
5. The Frye Museum- Specifically, the back room of the Frye. Some days, life is both cool and completely banal and weird and wonderful. Storage areas of museums are always a bit like that. Like seeing a glamorous celebrity in their pajamas. They currently have a Noguchi show up, and everything looks beautiful. If you are in the Seattle Area, check it out.

from Smitsy 23

6. The Sudden Blast of Anti-Sexual Assault ACTION (not just sentiment)- The speech by ever wonderful Joe Biden, my cousin Harrison doing a Take Back the Night show on the radio, the 55 (!!! Including PSU) school list of potential mishandlings of sexual assault charges, the two really great ad campaigns being put out by celebrities (Mariska, and I guess the other one is the president- but it is dude celebrity heavy). This has just been a productive week of actually doing something about sexual assault's prevalence in our culture. There are always mixed feminist feelings when these things happen, but I honestly think it is awesome. This problem has gotten so out of control that it really is everyone's, so it is truly wonderful to see men of every political leaning getting involved. I don't think anyone is saying "yay sexual assault" but very often, people do not take it nearly seriously enough. To have anyone stand up and say this is not ok can change an overly forgiving culture.
7. The E Bus- This is the only bus I have yet to try, but I really like it! It makes me miss the Muni, but I am still happy I can get to so many places I want to go without a car. It just makes me feel better about the world when we can use public transit (even if the crowd seems slightly kookier here so far- I think it might be less common for all walks to take the bus).
8. Blow drying our fridge- This is home ownership, isn't it? We had to defrost the whole lot so that the fridge would work again. The biggest side effect of this is that we haven't eaten dinner in almost all week. The lazy weekend spilled into the week, and I can't complain!
9. #bringbackourgirls- 16 days ago, over 200 girls were kidnapped from their school by Boko Haram, an Islamic militant group that mostly targets schools (apparently their name means "Western Education is Sinful" and they killed 59 boys in another attack in Borno). The fates of the girls have been widely debated (where are they? Are they being sold as sex slaves?), the Nigerian government and military has grossly botched their rescue, and their parents are begging for their release. This story is finally gaining traction in the Western media (who at first showed little interest- I mean, we are two weeks into the situation!)partially due to the efforts of the Nigerians, who have been using this hashtag on twitter and other social media to bring attention to these poor girls. As I follow the story, it feels frustrating that there is so little we can do, but I have found two petitions you can sign if you want to help- One petitions Goodluck Jonathon (the President of Nigeria)- https://www.change.org/petitions/goodluck-jonathan-bring-back-nigeria-s-200-missing-school-girls-bringbackourgirls?utm_source=social_media&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=us and the other asks our president to get the UN and US military involved in helping the situation- https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/work-un-and-nigerian-government-bring-home-girls-kidnapped-boko-haram/fFcLj7s2 I have a lot of respect for the Nigerian people for refusing to let this situation be ignored globally, and I will be praying for the girls' safe return.

10. My brother got engaged!!! Yay!!! Very excited to be adding such a wonderful person to our family officially! Also, I get to talk wedding with them, which you know I always enjoy.

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