10 Reasons I am Grateful for the Long Trip Home

by - Wednesday, May 14, 2014

1. Franklin Pennsylvania got yarn bombed- And you thought it was cute before.

2. That time we went to the elementary choir concert, only to realize 2/3rds of the way through, that the kid we came for was not going to get up to sing.Apparently, the kindergarteners only sang at the assembly, and we were all waiting for the Petey solo that would never come.

3.Babysitting- we never get to feel useful, so it was just a weird treat to actually be able to do someone a favor while we were home. Plus, I got to look at frogs and watch the kids jump on the trampoline.

4.Stovetop S'mores- Natalie requested it for her graduation celebration, and I am so glad it worked out. We have never started more small fires in my Nana's kitchen, and that is really saying something for us.
5. S'mores with other candy bars- We tried crunch, reese's cups, kit kat bars. I highly recommend experimenting, because there are some really good options there.

6. Luke playing Chubby Bunny- Someday, this is going to be a world-famous athlete, but I will remember this boy, who made himself laugh so hard with 5 marshmellows in his mouth that he cried.

7. Graduations with the Greenes- The whole event really begs for some snark. We can provide that. Also, some snacks. Dorothy has got it. We sweated out every drop of water we drank, but life is much better with cookies and crackers and candy and a bunch of Greene men in jaunty hats. It shouldn't have been a nice time, because graduations are designed to punish everyone, but I mostly enjoyed it.

8. Polly's Cookie Dough Arctics Swirls- I don't know where they get their cookie dough, but it tastes way yummier than any other cookie dough I can think of. I looked forward to this treat all week (if only I hadn't indulged in so many others beforehand), and it totally lived up to the hype in my mind.

9. Toddlers in sunglasses- Mindy's daughter Kalila was styling when we got ice cream, and she just cracked me up. What a cute (and fearless) baby!

10. The Amazing Paige Greene- The next time I see her, she will be infinitely more continental than I am, because this girl is off to live in the Netherlands for a year! I was so happy that I got the chance to visit with her before she heads off and becomes so much cooler than the rest of us that there is really nothing for us to tell her.  Woot for some pretty phenomenal courage, and I can't wait to hear all about her adventures!

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