Today's Inspiration- Qiu Zhijie 24 Seasons

by - Wednesday, April 23, 2014

All images are from the Qiu Zhijie 24 Seasons (the Light Writing:24 Seasons series), early 2000's- from

This is one of my favorite series of all time, and I was thinking of it today because one of the Boy's friends was making his own slow shutter speed photography with light. Qiu Zhijie is juxtaposing new image technology, contemporary and Classical Chinese spaces, and traditional Chinese script into this series of photographs. Most interesting to me is the artist's multi-layered treatment of time. The series is defined by seasons, and we see time unfold from picture to picture, and the old and new are combined into each frame. Within every photograph, we expect a single instant, but because this artist works with light, we are observing a long moment, in which he has time to move (the movement and long exposure erases his body and transforms it into text). The artist gained fame for other works, but this photo series shows how he plays with the body, the text, and time, simultaneously.

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