Seattle Food Adventures- San Fernando Peruvian Chicken

by - Monday, April 07, 2014

 The Boy and I have recently moved to Seattle after 5 years in the Bay Area. Besides a lot of new opportunities to dance in the rain, we also get to go on all new food adventures throughout the city. I thought I would share what we find here.

 On March 23rd, we always got out for Peruvian food in honor of our fancyversary. For 3 years, this has meant going to Piqueos, which was a moderate fancypants Peruvian restaurant. When we looked for our fancyversary Peruvian this year, we couldn't help but notice that Seattle is not exactly bursting with this particular cuisine (which is a shame, because it is so damn good). We did find San Fernando's Peruvian Chicken in the Central District, so we headed there.

The restaurant is pretty casual, you seat yourself and everything is pretty chill with posters on the wall and an active takeout counter. There is a big empty room in the back which is maybe for banquets (or this place gets crazy busy). Because it seemed so low key, and the menu is pretty short, honestly, we weren't expecting much.

We were so wrong! The food was delicious! The Papas a la Huacaina were so yummy and cheesy (it may be impossible to get boiled potatoes covered in cheese sauce wrong... hence the genius of Peruvian cooking, but these were particularly good). The Boy got Lomo Saltado and french fries, which he liked a lot. I got some sort of cilantro rice and green chicken, which was also so good. I wasn't sure what to expect from the chicken, but considering it is in the title, I should have known it would be good.

It would be nice to have a more romantic place to go to, since the Fancyversary is a romantic holiday, but this turned out surprisingly well considering how worried we were. I think we will definitely go back there again!

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