Seattle Food Adventures- Duke's Chowder House

by - Wednesday, April 09, 2014

The Boy and I have recently moved to the Seattle area after really developing our (faux) foodie chops back in the Bay Area. Beyond the opportunity to marvel at produce sections in less warm climates, we also get to have all new food adventures in the Seattle area. I thought I would share my thoughts on these new restaurants here, as we pledge our loyalty to new places.

Duke's Chowder House is a place right on the Greenlake loop. We tried it out with the hope that we would find a new Sam's, but alas this was not it. The biggest draw is that the ambiance in the restaurant is really nice- red walls and crowded, so you feel like you are somewhere. On the other hand, the food was overpriced, and all in all, it wasn't worth it. It wasn't bad, it just felt way too expensive for what you got.

First, we got mussels, which were delicious, but it is hard to mess up butter, garlic, and mussels (no seriously, it might be impossible to fail at). The chowder, if I remember correctly, was fine but underseasoned, didn't have all that many clams, and it was really really thick. So far, every time we have had chowder up in Seattle, it has too much cream and potato and really not enough clams. When we find the good stuff, we will tell you.

For dinner, we both got grilled mix type things. I think the Boy got Shrimp and something else, and I ate scallops, Shrimp, and crap legs? It wasn't great. Kind of bland, and some was way overcooked. The whole meal moved in a downhill direction. It wasn't horrible, but there was nothing that we would be pining for later. Nothing that we need to go back for, if that makes sense. So, Duke's is probably one of the least successful of our adventures so far, but you can't win them all! Onward and Upward!

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