Gussing Up Inspiration for April and What Worked in March

by - Thursday, April 03, 2014

This Month's Inspiration

Right now, I am pretty into dressed down pencil skirts, because I feel like they look good on every body type, and I have never been able to pull them off for anything but work. Here are some versions I like:

 I like the combination of the gingham shirt with the structured skirt.
 Ack, crop tops. Nobody needs that. But I like the skirt, and at least with a high cut skirt, it is still kind of classy looking.
 I have a red pencil skirt and have worn it all of once. I like this idea of how to use it, and I love the booties.
This is just perfect. Maybe not laid back enough to be casual, but let's all agree that going for it with complementary colors and then looking this gorgeous is damn impressive.

What Worked

 March was an interesting month for clothing, partially because we didn't have a lot of our clothes until mid-way through the month, and partially because I spent the vast majority of the month wearing this:
 Ah, painting clothes and a pony tail. Clearly the height of sophistication and glamor. The shirt is so covered in paint now that the fabric is sturdy. Still, I can't complain because the house is mostly done on the painting front, which is nice.

 I did  actually plan for my outfits for the road trip portion of the month, so I still think things were mostly working then. I got these new lace up boots, because I decided they just looked like Seattle (why, I do not know), and I think they really worked for the whole trip. At the very least, it is much easier to look like you are trying in jeans and a t-shirt if you add a nice pair of boots on top.

Other than that, I noticed looking back at pictures that the majority of the times I tried to look even somewhat respectable, I just wore this same striped t-shirt dress and a scarf. We really had to stretch a few things for quite a while, so I think this was probably my worst-dressed, make-upped, hair-brushed phase in quite a while. I am definitely ready to turn the page on that.

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