9 Things for the Weekend- Walks, Tulips, and Boredom

by - Monday, April 14, 2014

1. Our tulips- Our yard has beautiful tulips growing out front, which I think is a pretty unexpected and lovely development. Washington has great tulips, and apparently there is even a big tulip festival an hour north of here in Skagit. It goes on all of April, and I was hopeful we could go last weekend, but of course, in the spirit of being really really really boring, I stayed home and did watercolors instead while the Boy had an adventure.
2. Job applications- I have become the master of powering through these things. We are slowly making headway, so thank goodness for that!
3. Food Truck Fails- We tried to reunite with our Friday truck tradition, but alas, it was no dice this time. The truck we expected wasn't there, and all that was there was a Cuban truck. Can someone explain to me why cubans are good? Like, why would they even merit their own food truck? Mysteries of the universe. Still, we found some good Creole food elsewhere, and we made an effort, which counts for something.
4. Writing sassy things in the discussion for my horrible online art class- wow, this shit is bad. 10 weeks of it mostly being nonsense, and I had to say something. It felt good, even if I still have 5 wore weeks of really soulless, joyless projects and critiques. Boo hiss.
5. The Boy skiing- It's 2 days later, and he is still complaining about being ridiculously sore. It was honestly a bit of a bummer to have
6. Reuniting with Sushi- Ack, I love sushi. We went to Mio Sushi, which is based out of Oregon and is unabashedly AMERICAN sushi (we aren't exactly swimming in the purity of the fish here- the more ingredients the better on these rolls). I did miss our old sushi place (do we know we have fully moved when we don't constantly make these comparisons), but I was happy for some sushi goodness.

7. Walks around Greenlake- Seattle really does blow up once the weather is nice. You can tell people have been genuinely starving for some sunshine. We went for a walk at like 2 on Sunday afternoon, and everyone else in the city came to meet us there. Still, people are really friendly and polite in general, so it was perfectly pleasant company (also, some random turtles).
8. The Apartment- I need to watch MASH on Netflix, but the "Suicide is painless" beginning has kept me on a loop of watching things I already know won't be incredibly depressing. The Apartment is just the right amount of depressing, because I think it is all about the loneliness that can make connecting with someone really important and special.
9. A Clean house- it is looking good, if unfinished, around here. Need to keep hanging things.

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