9 Things for my Birthday Weekend

by - Wednesday, April 02, 2014

 1. SAM Great museum. Cool collection of Australian painting from the 70's (so many women and just great paintings). Also, they have the kind of shiny floors the art can reflect in. All museums should use this tactic, because it looks just cool.

2. Waffle cones! It's the same ones we got when we lived here 6 years ago. These are the best waffle cones in the whole world, so I was happy to be reunited with them (even if, because of lent, I could really only have 2 flavors.

3. Pike Market Flowers- My favorite part actually is seeing so many people walking around with these big paper wrapped bouquets in their arms. It was fun to get some myself, but really, it is just cute to see so many people walking around the area with flowers.

4. The view from Ivar's Salmon House- This place apparently is one of those must go places in Seattle. The food was good, but the decor and view were pretty freaking spectacular. Everyone come visit us, and we will take you here.

5.Drawing naked ladies in the closet- This is my current sketching set up, because I need to control the light, and this is the only windowless space in the whole house. But I spent 3 hours sitting in there in the dark.

6.Finding a grocery store with mussels- We have had a lot of trouble finding a grocery store we really like near our house, but after 2 stops, we did find mussels so we could have some garlic-curry goodness! Some days, it's the little victories.
7. Lying in bed watching How I Met your Mother- We got way behind this season (why haven't more people mentioned that the whole season was a stinker?), but it was still nice to just lay around and watch the backlog on my birthday. That's how you know your old- the best night you can think of is laying around and making no progress on your house (which is still a lie, because we put up 1 set of curtains and put together a set of shelves for all of my art supplies. But then we did nothing. Marvel at how laid back we are!
8. That rando who wishes you Happy Birthday on Facebook- the weird thing about living in this age is that your own family members can miss your birthday, but that person you talked to once in high school 12 years ago is going to wish you a Happy Birthday. I kind of love this development.

 9. BUMBO!!! After years of goldendoodle dreaming, I actually got a puppy for my birthday. Technically, he is not born yet, and we can't pick him up until May 24th. We won't even know for sure whether we are getting one until we see how many puppies are in the litter (we are 5th on the list), but I am still super excited. The Boy knocked it out of the park this time (also, this is a pretty hilarious sign).

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