6 Thoughts thus far on House of Cards

by - Saturday, April 26, 2014

This weekend, we are taking a stand against "we should be doing ______ better," because it is the #1 most commonly used phrase in our home. It is a bummer. To conquer our constant need to be productive/ self-criticize, we are embracing laziness. For us, this means Hershey kisses, organizing pictures (I am consolidating. I think this is a better choice than buying a bunch more), and watching House of Cards. Way late to the party, I know, but everyone and their brother assures us is much more fun than Mad Men and Breaking Bad both of which are alliterative downers, Debbie Downers.

1. Robin Wright is awesome as Lady Macbeth-  I am not in love with the show in general, but I do love that Robin Wright is doing a straight up Lady Macbeth masterfully. I could live without the other female lead (really? We have to do this again?), but I love the wife like sharks love blood. Also, does everyone remember how good Orange is the New Black is? It's like a bunch of well-developed interesting characters, instead of one.
2. Do older men fantasize about being significantly smarter than everyone else they know? This series feels a bit like wish fulfillment in a way that is actually decreasing in its fun (oh we get it, everyone else is apparently really really stupid, and somehow missed the person next to them getting tricked immediately before them). Watching him outsmart literally everyone around him is framed as the show's great pleasure (that and the heavy foreshadowing, so you also get to feel smart), but after a while, it is more exasperating.
3. Why did they make the opening music so similar to that on Game of Thrones? If you close your eyes while it plays, you will see the little model elevator go up the animated wall. But, when you open your eyes, there is no Grandma Tyrell. What a letdown.
4. Is there a Kristen Stewart School of Acting? Youths of the world- being sullen and reading your lines does not make you edgy. It makes you profoundly boring. Also (and I think we are 6 episodes in, so very mild spoiler alert), telling a guy he doesn't have any power over you when he is the SOLE source of your career success perhaps makes no freaking sense. Just the worst, and getting worse by the episode.
5. Yes, we get it, something bad is going to happen to the bald guy- You can only show a man lovingly look at his kids so many times before you murder him. Let us hope the poor girlfriend stays away.
6. The doors in government buildings (or this show's representation of them) are really beautiful- have to love all the fancypants neoclassical woodworky business.

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