6 Things for our "Good Enough" Weekend

by - Sunday, April 27, 2014

1. Not behaving- We have been constantly berating ourselves for not cleaning enough, for not doing enough on the house, for not being social enough, for not getting enough done, for not taking care of our skin well enough, for not drinking enough water, for not being interesting enough, etc etc etc. It is truly a constant right now. We have been on the run for so long, and we are barely keeping up with our lives, and I think we needed a day to just eat Hershey kisses and watch House of Cards and just not care about all the things we should be doing. It was a good weekend, and I feel somewhat revived so I can take on an increasingly full week.
2. Leftover lasagna- Does any food in the world taste better reheated? It will run out tomorrow, and I will be sad about it.
3. Telling off my truly awful art teacher for my online class- Every week, I get more annoyed by her astounding incompetence. Bad teaching, along with intentional ignorance or knowing unkindness, absolutely burns my toast. I cannot be polite in the face of it. I have been getting increasingly beligerent, because it angers me to think the 19 year olds taking this online class think this is acceptable feedback and instruction to be receiving. Today, when she responded to someone's use of "real life Barbie" as an example of strange human proportions by saying "Yeah, people who get plastic surgery to look like dolls or cats or something are freaky." So I basically destroyed her. It is not alright to shame someone or say nasty things about people as a class discussion. Even less so if you are the instructor. And it is an online class. How does she know she hasn't just said something that directly shames one of her own students? Not to mention, the example was an interesting one, and she didn't have the intelligence or insight to turn it into an interesting conversation. All she could think to do is be nasty. If I haven't made her cry already, I probably did tonight. What an embarrassment.
4. The Dutch Table- http://www.thedutchtable.com/- We are celebrating Queen's Day this week (yes, we know she abdicated in the Netherlands, but Beatrix remains the Queen of our Hearts), and we have yet to find a killer recipe for a Dutch meal. I want to try those pancake thingies, but I am not sure we would love them anyway.
5. That sometimes, when it rains, it pours good things- That rule doesn't just work in a negative way. Sometimes lots of good things do happen, and how lovely that is.
6. Judy Chicago's Butterfly Fireworks- Have you seen this video yet? To be honest, Chicago may be my least favorite feminist artist of that generation, though when I look at her work, I mostly think about how she was as a teacher. But come on, she threw herself a fireworks show for her 75th birthday! Days like these, you really have to kick yourself for giving up the dissertation on feminism, aging, and spectacle.

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