3 Things- Peter Dinklage, Tire Air, and Total Stasis

by - Thursday, April 03, 2014

1. Game of Thrones Commentary Youtube videos- I only sort of enjoy watching the actual Game of Thrones episodes (I mostly am just waiting for the inevitable Grandma Tyrell takeover), but the commentary online is pretty hilarious. They all seem pretty jovial/ chatty in the tracks which makes the whole show seem a lot more fun. It was a weird detour to get down today, but I enjoyed it.
2. Putting air in our tires- I haven't ever taken over this particular chore before, so it was good to know that I can do it. I love that feeling, that I think you have so much in your 20's, where you know you have no idea what the hell you are doing, but you figure it out anyway. That has to be the best side effect of growing up and not getting too comfortable.
3. Making no house progress- this doesn't happen all that often, so I love that we had a completely choreless day. It means the house is getting there right?

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