3 Things for Yesterday- Sick Days, Butts, and Chris Hayes

by - Saturday, April 05, 2014

1. The Boy's sick day- Ok, this sounds bad, but I have been spending a lot of days at home, filling out applications and such. I don't have many people to see or interact with, so things get pretty lonely. It reminds me a lot of life writing that freaking dissertation, so it has been kind of depressing. Yesterday, I had company all day and I got to go out for an interview, so I just finished the day feeling much cheerier than I have lately. Also, don't worry about the Boy. He felt fine by the end of the day.
2. Game of Thrones butts- I can almost see the meeting where they discussed the complaints about superfluous boobs, then decided to switch it up by having at lest 2 ass close-ups in every episode in season 3. I find, in general, you have to give a nice butt begrudging respect. Somebody worked hard for that butt. Also, why are all these women wearing elaborate, seemingly corseted dresses with absolutely nothing underneath? Was going commando common in Medieval times? Also, aren't they worried about dust and dirt and who knows what getting up in there? At the very least, the lady who has smoke monsters coming out of her vagina should be wearing some kind of underroo.
3. Chris Hayes's response to all this sports-related paternity leave nonsense- I definitely had to do some research to understand exactly what he was referring to, but damn that silliness is just dumb. Still, it is always a good day when a man sticks up for undoing gender roles because of how INCREDIBLY bad they are for men. Here's a excerpt:

"The father's out providing, the mother's at the home caretaking, and I'm sorry, but it's crap. It's crap. It's Neanderthalish, ridiculous confines of this patriarchal view of what the relationship is between the genders and it's incredibly imprisoning for men. This is the thing that just drives me crazy about this. It's like: take some time with your frickin' kid. And take some time with the partner in your life who brought the kid into the world. And that actually is part of being a man. That is part of being a full human being and a caring person."

Amen amen amen. Perfect example of why men should be feminists too.

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