3 Things for Yesterday- Puppy Fears, Cuteness, and Lent Cheats

by - Wednesday, April 09, 2014

1.Puppy Intimidation- I have started reading up on goldendoodle puppies and training and that sort of thing, and it is setting in that this will probably be a whole lot of life change. We never exactly do well with that, and I feel like we are just about maxed out on change from the move and job stress and stuff. But then...

from www.eaglecrosskennel.net

from www.iowapuppy.com

from all-puppies.com
2. Pictures of goldendoodle puppies- It is a lot of change, but man Bumbo will be cute. You can't fight cute.
3.Lent cheats- This Lent season has been a whole lot of major fail. I just think some of the goals we set for ourselves were not realistic considering the amount we would be going through during the season. So I think either the Boy or I have failed on almost every count at this point. Not a banner year, but I am trying to be kind to us and not make too much of a stink about it. This season has been rough!

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