3 Things for Yesterday- Bumbo, Fred Meyer, and Honeydew

by - Tuesday, April 08, 2014

from stroodlesdoodles.com
 1.Bumbo is coming!!! Our puppy was born in the last few days, and we found out we can go pick him up on June 7th. So he will be about 8 weeks old. Let the Bumbo countdown (and research on exactly what you do with a puppy) begin!
2. Fred Meyer- It's like a Super Walmart, if some of the stuff at Walmart was super good. It is one of those things that is really popular in Seattle. We went to try the grocery part, which kind of wraps around all sorts of other nonsense. It has lots of seasonal decorations, which is always dangerous with me.
3. Honeydew- You wouldn't think this would be a good time for those melons, but I have had such good ones in the last day or two.

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