15 Things for our Easter Weekend Home

by - Thursday, April 24, 2014

1.  The Pittsburgh Airport’s Dinosaur- The dinosaur serves as a welcome to all us poor Pennsylvanians stuck in less odd and lovely states. I love seeing that dinosaur, because it means I am home. Then I hate seeing the dinosaur, because it means we must leave. We have a contentious relationship I guess!
2. Terrible Real Estate Photographs- http://terriblerealestateagentphotos.com/-Just funny. Tumblr has the most random things, and you really can't contest their genius. Having just gone through the process, I can definitely agree that these sorts of pictures are way more common than you would think they would be.
3.  Cute plane babies-I feel like people roll their eyes when they realize they are sitting close to someone's spawn on a plane, but I think flying with babies can be a real treat. A sweet, very agreeable 6-monther was on our flight to PA, and I especially loved watching him befriend an elderly Chinese man who did not speak English. Babies are universal. Then, when we got to Pittsburgh, we watched an adorable toddler try to get on the moving walkway the wrong way. Ahh so cute! Also, kudos to laid-back parents in high stress flying situations.

4. 4 year old egg-coloring logic- You still having fun? Just put eggs back into the color. If you are really committed, you usually end up with a very saturated brown. Aubrey was all about the whole thing this year, and it was super fun to watch her experiment with the colors. Mostly, she just loves purple and taking her brother's stuff. Such is the life of the youngest sibling.

5. How honest early writing is- These are the musings of my husband at 12. Hilariously true to who he is and was at the time. Also, his open middle child resentment of his younger sister.
6. King’s Apple Pie with Cinnamon Ice Cream- A Classic. No one does pink cinnamon ice cream as well as good old Hartley. It also made my last day without chocolate
7. Chocolate- There may not be a happier bite in the whole year than the Hershey kiss I eat on Easter morning. I have given up chocolate for lent every year since high school, and every year, it gives me the hardest time to be apart from it. I just love chocolate so much, and I don't care that this reads as cliche. I am so happy to be reunited with it.

8. Easter Breakfast Gifts-My Grammy brings hilarious stuff with her for Easter breakfast- previous years we had little raver chickens. This year, she brought these. If anyone can name what animal this is, I will give them a cookie.
9. Ham-I love Easter's blending with Pagan roots, and also how annoyed my Nana gets when the Boy reads a wikipedia entry to me about why we eat ham on Easter. Also, ham is just delicious.

10. Basically, everything about Easter- This holiday is filled with incredible meaning and hope. Despite stores' best efforts, it evades mainstream overtaking in a way Christmas just can't (though I am always annoyed by people who give their children a bevy of gifts on Easter morning- really? Now why is that necessary?). It retains its fiercely meaningful roots, and who can't appreciate a day about fresh starts and rebirth? I love my Easter traditions and family get-togethers, and I think it doesn't have the pressure of Christmas.

11. Glow-Egg Hunts (but only if they are outside)-Moffitts tried the glow egg hunt last year, and it was a mixed bag, because it was too cold outside to do it there. It just wasn't very hard. This year, we split into teams and hid glowy eggs outside, and I thought it really worked. I feel  like everyone had a really good time, and it was just the right amount of spooky to be looking for these little glows out in the dark. We had a lot of fun, and I just love my cousins.
12. Episcopal Easter music- Episcopals are not the peppiest of Christians (think: uptight wasps), and depending on how "traditional" the church is, the music can veer into dirge territory. But on Easter, they pull out all the stops, not to mention some moderate tempos. I love it. 
13. Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake-Have I mentioned Chocolate is one of the best things about Easter? One of our family members made one of these, and it was awesome.
14. Chicago Airport- The perfect stop between Pittsburgh and the West Coast, they have actual book stores, and it inspired The Boy's metal character- Meat Stink. We haven't found the best restaurant there, but when we do, I will let you know.
15. Nilla Wafers-Mmmm... bland and delicious.

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