Today's Inspiration- Get it, Norma.

by - Sunday, March 23, 2014

 The Sabines, David, 1799 from Lise Tharreau

It's not often that I absolutely fall in love with the art choice on a book cover, but this is brilliant. Broude and Garrard are feminist art history icons, and their choice of this one figure from the famous David painting is so brilliant. In the original painting, she serves as a dominating, angelic force, even as the story being told is her own domination. She stands out so much that you can actually question whether she is an allegorical figure, especially as she is situated next to a more realisticly colored (and victimized) second woman. Looking even closer, you see they are surrounded by babies and an elderly woman, as if connecting all the feminine stages of life. The figure's posture seems dignified and desperate at once, and it is this tone that makes her perfect to be an allegorical figure for a book about contemporary feminism. I just love it all. If you are reading this, you clearly have excessive free time, so I would suggest taking a good long look at the David, who is so politically motivated in his paintings. This too is about conflict, conquest, and the cost, but when the female figures arr divorced from the scene, it totally works in a new way. A+!

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