The 3 Strangest Things the Packers Packed

by - Sunday, March 23, 2014

It turns out, the strangest thing about other people packing up your house is finding what they thought warranted some serious packing material. A good 20 boxes are filled with paper downstairs partially because of these hilarious and wonderful choices.

3. Tissue boxes- At first, I really laughed at this, but later I found a tissue box that wasn't wrapped in more paper,and it did look slightly janky. On the other hand, the thing is just to hold paper you are going to put your boogers in, so it may not warrant that level of care.
2. Two tiny wooden pins for a shoe rack. They made it to the parts box, which turns out to be the most important one. It also convinced us that we must be missing something in the rack, so we really tried to figure out what we were leaving out. We finally realized they are just if you want to expand the rack to even more shoes. I don't even think they were attached before, so the whole thing was pretty impressive.
1. A Darth Vader Pinata- Best part? It just said Head on the box as the description of what was inside. Our life is slightly less macabre, but it makes you wonder what they thought of a head as a decor decision. It also was so well-wrapped that it took up its own entire box. We had 101 boxes, so Darth Vader makes up at least a solid one percent of our belongings (he made appearances in at least 3 other boxes... when did that happen?). Anyway, you haven't known real sophistication until you realize that a big corporation paid money so you can VERY safely move a pinata.

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