The 3 Best Things we Did in our First 24 Hours at our New House

by - Tuesday, March 04, 2014

1. Painted- We went and got our first set of testers the first night we arrived. I like painting as a first step in a new place, because it makes things feel like your own quickly and relatively cheap (compared to all of the other things we want to do... eventually). Plus, if you can power through at least half of the rooms before the furniture comes, life will be easier later on.
2. Hung a shower curtain... a bit too high- Well, it is at least too high for the cutesy shower curtain I bought the Boy for his birthday. But we could shower, and that is important for the heart.
3. Got the internet- Yes, we can't wash our clothes, or cook in the kitchen, or sit anywhere but the floor. But I can blog and we can listen to the Aristocats and early seasons of 30 Rock while we paint, so clearly our priorities are in line. Goals for today- finish kitchen and living room painting, have color decided and first coat in dining room, hall, and bedroom (we don't mess around- yesterday was a 13 and a half hour work day, and I bet today will be longer- but I kind of love it, because we become this rock solid taping and painting team).

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