Seattle Food Adventures- Greenlake Grill

by - Monday, March 24, 2014

 The Boy and I have recently moved to Seattle, and as much as we miss our Northern California fare (I miss you Chairman!!), we are super excited for the opportunity for new food adventures. I thought I would share what we learn.

When we came to Seattle for house hunting, we went to Greenlake Grill for dinner. The restaurant is right across the street from the lake, and it is seems to be a pretty straightforward bar and grill, not too fancy but still nice looking. I think it might be a part of a larger chain around Seattle, but I am not sure about this. I really LOVED the salmon dish there, which is lemony, with cucumber and fennel and asparagus. It is so good.

So when my Mom and her husband came to help us move in, we made Greenlake Grill the first place we went to twice. The Boy got a burger. My Mom got a salad, and Scott got the salmon special, which wasn't the same thing as mine, but he liked it better. Everyone really liked their food, so I think you can't really go wrong there. The atmosphere was also really nice, without feeling like you need to dress up or something. I feel like this is the place I will be asking to go back to (I loved that salmon!).

I would give this restaurant like a 9 out of ten, and I would think The Boy would give it a 7.5 or 8, because he wasn't as excited about his food. We will be going back!

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