Seattle Food Adventures- Burgermaster

by - Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Now that we are living in a whole new city, we get to try all sorts of new delicious foods and new to us restaurants and so forth. I thought I would share what we found here.

Our first outing (to anywhere but Subway... I mean, we have been eating a lot of sandwiches the last week) was to Burgermaster. We basically chose this restaurant because we kept passing by, liked the name, and respect anything with a giant neon bull head.

The restaurant is an old-fashioned drive-in, which is nice on those rainy Seattle days, and it serves salads and pasta. I kid. It sells burgers, sandwiches, and milkshakes. According to their website, Burgermaster is a Seattle staple. It was opened by Phil Jensen in 1952 and now has 5 locations across the city. Mr Jensen passed away a few years ago, but stayed involved in the restaurant until his death, and his widow continues to be in charge of the landscaping (I can't report on this, since it is a little early in the season for the flowers to be blooming. 

 The best part of the whole thing is just being able to sit in your car and eat drive-in type food. It feels fun and retro, while still being super laid-back. The Boy was absolutely amazed that the tray balanced on our window, and it was cozy to sit in the car and talk. The whole area looks so cute, and the server was super friendly. I can't wait to take family back there, and I think a late night run there would be super fun.

The Boy got a burger and fries and I got onion rings and a BLT. He liked the burger, said it reminded him of In n Out, and ate the whole thing. His french fries were 1000 times better than In n Out's though, so even if they only sold burgers, I would still go back for those fries. They were the kind of thing I want to take my Brother to, because he is a real french fry aficionado.

I was worried that Burgermaster would only have burgers, so I was happy to see I had a couple of options. I tried the blt. It was fine, but they butter their bread, which seems really weird to me. The lettuce and tomato didn't have much flavor, so that didn't help either. On the other hand, the onion rings were crispy and flavorful and everything you want your onion rings to be. I miss them now that I have given up fried food for lent! Eeep!

We also both had milkshakes, which were awesome. You could tell that they were made from soft ice cream (it actually reminded me of a thicker Dairy Queen shake). I think the milkshakes make Burgermaster the kind of place you might go snack at late at night, when all you really need are some french fries and a milkshake. We will definitely be going back for this purpose at some point!

The Boy's Score: 8.5- This is a good score for him, because he is generally pretty stingy. He loved the fries, but didn't seem as blown away with the burger.
My Score: 8- Loved the experience, the french fries, and the milkshake, but the BLT was nothing to get excited about. I might try something else later or just love this place for unhealthy snacks!

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