Seattle Fod Adventures- Flying Squirrel Pizza

by - Monday, March 31, 2014

The Boy and I recently moved to Seattle, which means that we have lots of opportunities for heated discussions with our GPS, Also, we have the chance to go on lots of new food adventures. I thought I would share what has been great so far.

When J Cro was here (yes, we are still that far behind), she wanted to get pizza, because it is hard to find good pizza on the Island. So, we tried out the Flying Squirrel Pizza near our neighborhood. This is another one of those Seattle chains- I think there are 3 in the city. I am pretty sure the Flying Squirrel won me right away. The decor is cute, casual, and loaded with pop culture references (I think Ron Swanson was on the wall). They have coloring sheets of their logo- a squirrel holding balloons. The waiter was super cool, and even though the place got pretty busy, he still took time to chat with my Mom and her husband. The place is filled with a lot of families, which makes it feel loud and chaotic, but in a good way.

We were looking for a place that was on the cheaper end, but I think Flying Squirrel is pretty expensive as pizza goes (maybe 15-20 bucks a pizza? Don't quote me on that). I think it is worth it. A lot of the ingredients are local, and every pizza we had was delicious. They let you order custom ones, but they also have a list of numbered pizzas, which makes it feel cool and less fussy. We got ones with italian sausage and a hawaiian pizza for Mom and Scott (yuck). The crust was delicious and the toppings were great. They have so many unique combinations that I know we will have to go back multiple times to get the gist of the whole place, but I would definitely go back.

My score: 9.5
The Boy's score: 7.5/ 8 (he really wants us to pick a cheaper pizza place this time- our California pizza place was also pretty expensive, and he gets very crabby when you ask him to spend much money on pizza.

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