Adventures in Grown-Up-Hood- Where the House is Now

by - Wednesday, March 26, 2014

My Aunt Becky asked awhile ago to see pictures of our newly painted rooms, but they have been so crazy/ covered in boxes, that it would have been super embarrassing. Everywhere still has a long way to go (our art is all over the floor in basically every room and we still are too scared to conquer curtains), but at least interested parties can see all of the (many) colors. So here is our progress, please don't judge us too much for the mess. It will be cleaned up someday. I included before and after pictures:


 Living Room


 Dining Room



 Guest Room

So that's it! Lots of color now. I have two rooms I want to fix, because I don't think it all works together quite right, but we will get there someday after the craziness settles down more.

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