7 Things I am Grateful for this Week

by - Friday, March 21, 2014

1. Liam Brooks's run and laugh- He almost always moves with both hands above his head. You just have to imagine "We are the Champions" playing, and it makes that almost 2 year old pretty damn victorious. He also has a great and totally odd sense of humor and is super chatty. I love when babies get this age, because you can just see so much more of their personality, and Liam has a great one.

2. Date Night at a High School with Rochelle- We watched teenage awkwardness and ate treats. It was just like 10 years ago, when we were pretty inseparable. The only difference is that Shell was so tired from Mommying that she fell asleep in the second act. When one of us falls asleep in the first act, you know we are really in trouble.
3. Zumba with my Mom- She makes pained faces and starts doing involuntary jazz hands. It is wonderful. Much more interesting than doing it by myself, which is what I should be doing right now.
4.Rob's smoked wings- In general, Southern food has not really won me over. It just seems really heavy and fried. But Uncle Rob got his smoker moving, and wow. That stuff was delicious! And I can imagine it was healthier, right?

5. Mustaches- I put these in a care package for my Aunt Ann, and we took the world's most stately family portraits in them while we were there. I mean, look at that sophistication.
6.Our new Laundry Machines (and Estevan who installed them)-The shift from having to drag weeks of laundry for laundry day to being able to wash it in our own house is a life-changer. It is basically why we bought a house in the first place. We also had a great mover from Home Depot bring it, and he had just moved from California too, so we had a lot to talk about. One of the weirdest parts about moving is that random strangers are in your house often, so when they are friendly it makes a big difference.
7.Finishing painting- this has not actually happened yet, but I am optimistic that today is the day. I think once I don't spend so much time a day painting, I can start getting into a more regular routine, so I won't be a phantom blogger anymore, might get some exercise, and may actually start to feel like a person again. Our trip to Tennessee really slowed down the progress of the whole thing, and painting every room is an ambitious way to start, but I think we will be glad we did it later.

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