6 Things for the Beginning of my Trip to Tennessee

by - Friday, March 14, 2014

1. Excessively friendly McDonald's employees-The Seattle Airport's B terminal comes with a morning greeting to every person who walks down the halls. One woman was just wishing everybody a good flight and a wonderful morning.

2. Long Walks in airports- I spent about 7 hours in total in airports on Wednesday waiting for flights to take off. It sounds like it would be awful, but I actually had a pretty nice time. I walked all over the Seattle and Denver airports, so I still got my 10,000 steps for the day. We can easily let these long travel days wear us down, sit and just rest between flights, but all the flights are is being trapped sitting in a tiny space. If you just get up and use the expansive spaces for some mobile people watching. You will see more, know exactly what your options are, and it doesn't take long before you have walked a mile instead of writing a few emails or watched something on tv. When you need rest, rest, but time in an airport is also an opportunity to punctuate those long flights with long walks!

3. Just sitting around with my Mom, Rochelle, and Aunt Ann- Love these women. I have been missing them since Thanksgiving, so I am just so grateful to get to be in their presence, even when we aren't talking about anything in particular or are even completely quiet. This time is a definite blessing.

4. Liam Brooks being a hamball- My favorite Liam move is that he runs around with his hands over his head like he is continually raising the roof. Now, he is showing so much personality and this hilarious crowd-pleasing sense of humor that just crack me up. My Mom was teasing him by pretending to eat his cookie, and he saw that it was getting laughs, so he started to tease himself by pretending to eat his own cookie than pulling it away from himself.It seems a lot like when he used to tickle himself. I just love these phases when they get more and more words, because that chattiness shows so much more of who they are.

5. Doing Zumba with Janet-Yesterday, there were jazz fingers. She also makes the funniest zumba faces I have ever seen.If they had her hosting this business, they could make millions.

6. Two beautiful new things to hang on our walls! I will post pictures later. I can't wait to hang up my housewarming and birthday gift!

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