3 Things that Make Red Lobster the Best Restaurant of All Time

by - Saturday, March 29, 2014

Last night for birthday week, we went to Red Lobster. It seems like our general foodiness should mean we would grow out of a place like this, but we never ever will. It turns out there are no Red Lobsters in Seattle, so it was a bit of a trek. This is why Red Lobster is always worth it:

1. It will always feel like a fancy big deal- Where we grew up, the closest Red Lobster was a solid half hour drive, so it felt like a special event when you went there. That is weirdly an experience The Boy and I share, so we went to Red Lobster for lots of special occasions- before his senior prom, for birthdays, anniversaries, and Valentine's days. I am pretty sure we went there after I finished my exams for my PhD. So we found one, a ways away
2. Cheddar biscuits- The Bread of the Gods. I am pretty sure the key is all butter and salt, but I don't even care. They are pure happiness.
3. Everyone loves it- my Nana and Poppop love it, my in-laws all love it (I LOVE going with them, especially Carlo, because they are enablers! I love that calamari!), my dad loves it, my cousins love it. Nobody complains when you take them to Red Lobster.

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