3 Things I am Giving up for Lent

by - Thursday, March 06, 2014

I love Lent. It is a season for spiritual focus, and though it can be difficult, it is always good to remember which of our "needs" are really just "wants." Because Lent starts at such a strange and transitional time for us this year, it reset our priorities in ways I think will really help us mold our new life in Seattle.

1. No Eating Out for Dinner- We spend so much money on eating out, and though I love going on these little adventures for food, I think having more focused time eating at home will force us to connect with the city in other ways than just where we spend our money. We will still have Saturday and Sunday lunches to try new places, but I can see this one becoming a real challenge.

This is also the classic- no chocolate, no pop, and no deep fried food. Chocolate is always the hardest, because I am definitely a comfort eater. Taking chocolate away makes me super aware every year of how badly I deal with stress.

2. No Skipping Church or Devotionals-In our last few months in Mountain View, we all but gave up on our church, which had stayed an uphill battle from the beginning to the bitter end. We just never connected with the people, who were maybe too Silicon Valley to value community in the way we needed. Anyway, because we are both shy and awkward, going into these new church situations really freak us out. The social prospect of multiple instances of small talk can keep us home reading a devotional instead. But saying we have to go to church every week means we can't avoid these moments out of social anxiety, that our spiritual health is more important than our immediate comfort. If we can't find a good church in Seattle, I will seriously start driving to Idaho every weekend or something.

3. No Gossip- I spend so much of my brain space on things that don't matter and are probably none of my business. It is hard to gauge the line on this, but I am going to try my best anyway. At the very least, I don't need to know how Adele Mazeem feels about her Travolta-ized name or which celebrity most recently got secret married or secret divorced. I can read and think and talk about more interesting things.

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