3 Things from Leaving Mountain View

by - Saturday, March 01, 2014

 1. What we left in the apartment- A few of the Boy's super complex Valentine's decorations (Think: prison bars) and our Vader-Luke light. Your welocme, future tenants of apartment 410.

 2. Master car-packing- We travel so much that we really do know exactly how much fits in the car. We got a lot of stuff in the neon without having to start over or tiffing or any shenanigans.  Do you ever have moments of perfectly in sync team mentality with your partner? We had one of those, which was encouraging.

 3. Lobster rolls- Perfect final lunch in the Bay, looking over Half Moon Bay, eating buttery sandwichy goodness.

 4. Getting Gnomey out- He is the punctuation for our big life changes. He may have taken an ugly fall yesterday (and lost his feet in the process... some repairs are in his future), but I still love bringing him on our adventures.

5. Rainbows- Other than that, our trip was a lot of rain. A LOT OF RAIN. And darkness. And nerve-wracking driving through the mountains in a rainstorm in the darkness. We are starting earlier today. 1 day down, 2 til our new home!

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