3 Things for Yesterday- Detail Pans, Tiny Paintbrushes, and Being that Person in Home Depot

by - Wednesday, March 12, 2014

1. The score and establishing shots from Silence of the Lambs- They function in the exact same way- unassuming, seemingly ordinary, but tinged with just enough creepiness that you can never feel settled about what you are seeing or hearing. They both also rock a good crescendo. I think these two tools are used so well in the film that it is no wonder that it is already making lots of “this is important” type lists.
2. The Last 2%- Specifically, the last 2% of every job which takes the longest and is the most thankless. We have reached this point with the painitng, and it may be killing my soul just a little. At the same time, I am not usually the type of person who pays much attention to detail, and I would probably just leave the rough edges if given the choice. So, weirdly enough, I feel proud of myself for sticking with it and spending hour on top of hours with my little paintbrush, trying to make all our edges look pretty. Still more to go, but we are getting closer. The goal is to be totally unpacked by the end of the month.
3. Walking through Home Depot, looking like a rainbow crazy- At this point, my painting clothes are stiff from all of the paint they are drenched in. Also, I haven’t actually tried to look nice since we moved in. So, when I go get more paint testers (I know! I know! Last set), I probably scared people just looking for lumber and bathroom fixtures and lawn furniture and such.

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