3 (+) Favorite Things from the Northern California and Oregon Coast

by - Sunday, March 02, 2014

1. Paul Bunyan and Babe- This is how the discovery went "Oh look, it's a giant bul-ITS PAUL BUNYAN STOP THE CAR" Worth it. The Trees of Mystery are owned by one woman, who managed a perfectly tacky and wonderful business as well as raising her family. Back in the 40's and 50's. So that is nearly as awesome as these genuinely ginormous roadside statues. This was probably our favorite stop from the day. 

 2. The Native American collection within Trees of Mystery- Largest collection of baskets in the United States, this collection is partnered with the Smithsonian. It also had a great collection of tintypes and early photography of native american tribespeople. Lastly, the collection boasted a very friendly tour lady, who is apparently a bit nervous about her blood pressure.

 3. The Oregon Beaches- They have the hype for a reason. The biggest reason, there are giant rocks! Big huge rocks that you just want to climb on, but your husband reminds you that is a bad idea.

 4. Fried Clams- Ignore the relatively lame calimari upfront. We got fried clams that were giant and delicious right outside of Brookings at Sportshaven Grill.

 5. The Redwoods- They started in the morning and followed us most of the day. The ones in the National Forest make Muir Woods look like wimps. That is the biggest difference in the beaches as you move North, they are up against giant mountains and forests, so you drive through mountains, then make a turn and the road looks like this- Beach on one side, and giant trees on the other. I can't say as much about Northern Oregon, because despite the small number of miles we were meant to travel yesterday, we still did the last two hours in the dark.

 6. Prehistoric Gardens- Not as good as Paul Bunyan, but much more expensive. It seems to have little to do with science, but I like the pretty colors they are painted, and the lady up front was very friendly.

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