3 Awesome Things about a Parent Showing Up to Help you Move In

by - Saturday, March 08, 2014

1. Genius Ideas- Some people get stressed out by their parents' or in-laws' presence, but we really like our parents, so it was so nice that one of them could come and help us for a few days with our move in. Here's why: We have one wall that is way too tall and I thought we would just be out of luck, but with my Mom's ideas, some teamwork, a swiffer, and a little bit of rock climbing up the stairway, we made it work. My mother is basically unstoppable, and she can problem-solve like a champ, so it always feels like she's got it.

2. Someone else can spend HOURS discussing possible closet organization strategies with the Boy- He and I can't even get through game directions without me wanting to start already and he resolutely and angrily attempting to read every little direction until the whole thing goes right back to incomprehensible. He and Scott spent almost all of yesterday on this closet. You know how many things are up? None. I am sure they are right to be thoughtful, and we will enjoy their efforts for a long time, but wow. Wow. My brain would have exploded, then the little bits would have exploded, then the teeny bits would have run away on the wind. I am so glad I could just go paint elsewhere and not reflect on the highly-discussed nothing that was getting done. On the other hand, Scott seemed to enjoy the conversation, and I think they have a solid plan in place for today. I will let you know.

3. You can stop pretending to be a grown-up, because now a real one is here- What a relief! I think there may be no better feeling in the world than having people who actually know something show up and mention all of the things you would have never thought of. Weatherproofing? What a splendid idea! Using an exacto knife before taking off the painter's tape? Genius! We are majorly overwhelmed with out house full of boxes, but I think we already have some good new positive momentum. Yay Janet!

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