10 Things We Learned Moving into Our New House

by - Tuesday, March 25, 2014

10. Every problem has a solution-Sometimes, these involve climbing up your own house and putting blue tape down with a swiffer.
9. Be strategic about what gets packed in the car for immediate use- 1. CLEANING STUFF. You can wear the same gross stuff. You cannot eat out of a dirty kitchen. 2. Paper plates, knives and forks, paper towels. You need to eat. Being able to buy some sandwich stuff and cereal will save you so much money. 3. Clothes for various phases. Don't pack separately from your partner if you are partnered. Reason out what you will need on the trip, then what you will need immediately in the home. 4. Chargers and important papers. Is there anything more frustrating than having a dead phone and not being able to do anything about it? Just plan so these things don't get lost in the shuffle.
8. Don't just keep drilling- If a screw won't come out, do not just keep trying. Eventually, It will just be a giant metal hole in the screws, so you can't do anything with it. Ooops. Learning as I go.

7. Storage is more important than basically anything else- You can't unpack unless you have a place to put things. It may be a bummer, but you need to be working on finding your stuff homes too.

6. Maybe skip the orange-No matter what your optimism, or the number of times you get more white put in, you cannot make your orange paint light and soothing. That train stops at neon, and it won't move.
5. Curtains are hard- Man, why are we so bad at this??? Nothing in the world is more intimidating than curtains. It is so much measuring, and then you have to buy a bunch of different poles and stuff. The real bummer of this is that by now, we basically have to assume that all of the neighbors have seen us half-dressed, doing zumba, or eating apple crisp from the dish. I mean, nobody needs to see these things, but I just have to accept that they have all seen it.

4. MEASURE-A great idea is a bad one, if it means your shower curtain isn't actually long enough to keep water off the floor. Always measure things, or The Boy will get very crabby with you.
3. Figure out how to enjoy it-About 90% of this grown-up business is no fun. You have to figure out how to still enjoy it. I don't have good answers for this, honestly. Binge-watching the early seasons of 30 Rock helped, though it gets depressing around when Steve Martin shows up. Funny dances sometimes helped. Specifically made playlists helped. Reserving 10 o clock for one episode of Game of Thrones helped (at least it helped The Boy's mood... I feel nervous all the time, because you never know when a horse will lose its head). I am thinking about turning the box graveyard into some sort of castle.
2. Have a staging area, so the other rooms can start working as rooms as soon as possible-We have a master bedroom, but we aren't using it until we get an actual bed (very important for a bedroom), so it has become a dressing room (hence the flashing the neighbor problem) and a staging area for life. The great thing about this is that many of the other rooms in the house now look practically functional and normal (pictures have to go up, but otherwise), so we can go a whole hour before we run into something we need to do. If I did it again, I think I would completely finish more rooms sooner (Maybe an A team?), so we could spend more time with sanity.
1. Take your painter's tape off before the paint dries- Aunt Ann told us this, and it seriously blew our minds. I think I am still doing it wrong, because I have yet to get the whole thing off with no screw ups. Still, if you are using most interior paints, you do avoid the stretch and pull the sooner you pull the blue tape off. You just have to strategize so you don't get paint all over your fingers/ everything. 

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