What Worked from the Indiana Jones Movie Marathon

by - Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Well, it already seems like a million years ago, but The Boy and I celebrated his birthday this week with Indiana Jones shenanigans and theme food. Because that is what 27 is all about. So, as always, I am sharing my thoughts on what worked and what just didn't.

 The Decorations

Ok, so I should say first off, I had very little knowledge of Indiana Jones. I am sure I watched it as a child, but I knew monkey brains, snakes, and that there were aliens in the new movie. On this end of the marathon, I now know I could have done better. At the least, more Nazi paraphernalia (I kid). Most of the decorations came straight from World Market. In fact, while in that World Market a creepy gentlemen followed me around and kept saying he liked my feet, so this was a real venture of love and bravery (anyway, the joke is on him, my feet are terrible).

I got a looking glass, which turned out to be a bad choice. I do love the lamp and the globe though. I think the whole thing could have used more rubble. Probably some priceless artifacts for a renowned archaeologist to rub his bare hands all over (apparently the whip sucks all those nasty acids right out of his skin).

I did snakes too. These little buggers turned out to be sticky, which was an added twist. I also had a giant snake which I hung on the tv, only to be found by the packers today.

I tried to do spiderwebs, which I think was spot on. But again, more rubble. If we had it tonight, we could make our whole apartment look like an overturned temple with Alfred Molina's guts inside.

The Food

Cinnamon rolls and pigs in a blanket are birthday requirements (they are good, and I can make them), so I try to work them into the theme. These are monkey brain rolls.

These were pansnakes! Get it? Snakes? Theme food can only be improved with puns! This breakfast was pun-ishment!!!  You're welcome.

 These were mummies in a blanket. You make them by cutting the crescent rolls into really thin strips and wrapping them around. I thought they would fall apart, but they really held together well.

Lemonaders of the Lost Arc! Bwahaha! You thought you escaped the puns like that one sculpture thought that it escaped the destruction of Harrison Ford! Also, like Willie thought she escaped (note to all men- when a girl says no EMPHATICALLY it does not mean she wants you to whip her, unless you have already worked some code out previously). The  Boy liked this a lot, but it was just cut up strawberries in lemonade.

The cake was supposed to be the boulder chasing Indy in the first movie. We have some narrative issues here (why are they in a garden not a cave? Why has Indy turned back to whip said boulder? Why hasn't Darth Vader killed this fool already? When do I get to buy things George Lucas won't get the proceeds off of? Who knew Steven Spielberg threw such shade in his DVD extras? Have I veered off course?), but the cake held together, and I liked how the vines and snakes turned out. It was a simple cake, not a show stopper like last year's, but I still think it worked. 

Odds and Ends

This year I realized that you could wrap the gifts in theme and use them as decoration. I will do this forever now, unless I don't.

Pag bought us hats, so we spent all of Saturday in pajamas and an Indy hat and fez. It was awesome. I may have even liked it better than the t-shirts.

Best part of the whole birthday- skyping with Petey and Aubrey while The Boy blew out his candles. Another birthday down! Hopefully next year will be less chaotic so we can celebrate without packing between movies!

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