Top 25 Things I will Miss About Living in California

by - Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tonight, we are supposed to close on our house, which is very exciting. This is also the last few days we will be in our apartment while it feels like our apartment (the movers come to pack us up in a week, so we have to do our pacing this weekend). So I am feeling nostalgic and as loving toward California as I ever have. So let's be nostalgic, shall we? 

1. Our Apartment- This is the place where we learned how to be a family, rather than just being a couple. This is where we planned our wedding. This is where we blew up a lasagna.This is the place we can clean in a few short hours. The kitchen is horrible, but we still mastered our team cooking style here. The sound of the rain is so pretty on this roof. I will miss this place.
2. All of my jobs that I have gotten in the past year-  I feel so heartbroken that I won't be able to do Camp Galileo this summer, or to keep going with my jobs at the Cantor and the de Young (both of which seemed to be picking up steam). Most of all, I will miss the kids and co-workers I got to know in the past few months. It is the first time I have genuinely felt a part of the community in which we live. It is the first time that I have recognized people at the grocery store, that kind of thing. So I will miss my jobs nearly the most, but I am optimistic I can regain positive momentum in Seattle with time.
3. Being able to drive to see my brother- Also, that he and Bry could take the megabus up to see us. I am hopeful we will get to see them as much as we have enjoyed here, but it is always more of a challenge to get on a plane than to take a quick roadtrip.
4. My dentist and doctor- Dr Amidi and Dr Azad are the best doctors I have ever had in my life. They are both kickass ladies, and I wrote them thank you cards I like them so much. Worried I will never find medical professionals that can step to them.
5. Food Trucks- Our Friday tradition. The Chairman will forever stand as my favorite food truck, and I think a year from now, I will dream of my Bao sandwich.
6.Fresh Produce and Farmer's Markets- Oh California, your veggies and fruit are so delicious and cheap. Also, it just makes for a sweet, chill Saturday morning shopping trip.
7. The Stanford Theater- Classic movies can kick ass. Original print classic movies in a beautiful theater, with cheap delicious popcorn and organ preludes ULTRAKICK ass. Our favorite date in the Bay Area. If you live anywhere near Palo Alto, you need to go regularly.
8. Being able to put my feet in the ocean in less than an hour-I always feel bad for visitors who think they are going to the beach in Southern California. There are only about 2 weeks a year you really want to get in at Santa Cruz without a wetsuit. In Half Moon Bay, it is probably a day or two, but I love that beach forever. It can be a foggy, quiet, almost spooky walk or a fun sunny day with a beautiful sunset. Plus, then we can go to Sam's Chowder House and get a lobster roll. I will miss being able to put my feet in that water or just getting on the road and driving down Highway 1.
9. Riding the Muni early in the morning-The sun rising over the Bay Bridge makes me happy to get up at 4:45 every Friday morning. I will miss that moment.
10. Great Mexican and Japanese food (you have to look harder for good Italian)- Satsuma sushi is the best food we found in Mountain View. We also loved Fiesta del Mar for a while, especially because it is clearly built in an old Pizza Hut. Our favorite restaurants: Cascal, Dish Dash, Fiesta del Mar, Satsuma Sushi, Piqueos, the diner in Palo Alto, Pluto's, and Nola.
11. Being about 15 minutes (except it will probably take you 40) from anything- There is a beach, an amusement park, and anything you could ever want to buy a stone's throw away. That is so different from where we grew up, and even though I mostly don't feel that great about living in the world's largest strip mall, I will miss being about a 4 minute drive from a Michael's.
12. The Redwoods- Muir Woods is a national treasure. This beautiful but relatively small forest always scores with our visitors, and we have only had to park 2 miles from the entrance once.
13. Our Safeway- Do people not move because they don't want to learn a new grocery store? Or are we the only one's who become fiercely loyal? I will miss the people who work there and we recognize. I will also miss being so close that when we forget something, somebody can run and get it without stopping meal-making.
14. Having so many great art museums nearby- SFMoMA, de Young, Jewish Contemporary, and the Cantor. Not only did I love seeing what was there, I also enjoyed have lots of potential places for employment. You can't complain about that. The Exploratorium is also amazing, and it makes me sad to think we never got to take our niece and nephew there.
15. Whale watching- We saw tons of whales (ok none) and they sang glorious Pink songs (ok, maybe we made that up). Actually, our luck can't be any worse in Seattle. It might even be better in Pittsburgh when we move there someday. Still, Northern California whales are a special thing I will miss.
16. Strawberry Picking at the Ocean- Where else can you pick strawberries to the sound of sea lions? Plus, the pies were delicious.
17. Two Airports so closeby- Can't complain about being able to forget a bag, come home to get it, and still make it back to the airport in time to make your flight. Technically, the Seattle airport is 27 minutes away from our house, but the traffic is so bad, I don't think it works that way. I will also miss Just Desserts and the creepy zombie an Jose Parking structure. Ugliest airport in the world.
18. The Madonna Inn- This was our perfect anniversary getaway, because it demonstrates incredible pride in its tackiness. Plus, John Wayne loved it there. I genuinely feel at a loss about where we will celebrate our tackiest holidays now.
19. Getting pumpkins in Fremont- Do other places have giant hay pyramids? If not, the Boy will never get the chance to realize his dream of standing at the top and pushing children down it.
20 Ghiradelli Hot Chocolate- Best part of Giant's Stadium.
21. Living next to a middle school- Only because they have little league games there every weekend, starting at 8 AM. If I didn't wake up to cheering on Saturday mornings, what would I do with myself.
22. The Monteray Bay Aquarium- I will miss the jellyfish. Most beautiful room in the whole Bay Area.
23. Intimidating the landlord-  They may or may not have issues with their strong mother. If you speak to them with a firm enough voice, and you are a lady, you will get what you want.
24.  Our neighborhood park being built on a pile of garbage- Oh Shoreline park. You are the epitome of making lemonade our of a big pile of lemon garbage. Also, you have varying types of bird poop everywhere.
25.  Musee Mechanique- Love this place. Where else can you spend a quarter to have a mummy answer your pressing life questions? Or to watch the wind lightly blow a broke down stagecoach? I have a theory that my Grandpa runs it from Pennsylvania, because they feature very Scotty-esque signage. Also, they have pictures of Kennywood and Conneaut Lake in their signs, which makes me feel more connected to it.

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