The 3 Best Things about the Sunnyvale Farmers Market

by - Sunday, February 16, 2014

 Today was our last trip to the Saturday Sunnyvale Farmers Market. Fresh, delicious, and very often cheap produce is one of the very best things about living in California. Probably in the Top Three. We went to Sunnyvale on Saturday Mornings to buy flowers for church and groceries. These are my favorite things about it:

1. Free fruit samples- Yes, I will take a bite of your fuji apples (oh we got delicious cider). Just let me finish chewing this free bite of orange. Also, would you mind handing me one of those free strawberries? I like being able to test the produce to find the sweetest and most delicious fruit before we buy them. The food we bought here has just kicked Safeway's ass.
2. Someone's toddler who has gotten away from them- This happens every time. I never know whether to catch them for their parents or stay out of it. They are often running toward the musicians, which range from "wow, that's great!" to "I never want to hear again." Apparently all of these people have magic toddler whistles for their performance.
3. The flower ladies- They know us and ask after the Boy or Julie if I am there without them. They also wrap the flowers in huge batches with newspaper, and I get to carry them around the street.

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