Planning our Road Trip to Seattle

by - Wednesday, February 05, 2014

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So, on February 28th, we are saying goodbye to the Bay Area and driving up to our new home and new life in Seattle. Because a speedy drive north is just not enough of an adventure, we are going to turn the 17 hour trip into a 3 day roadtrip to check out the rest of the west coast (by the end, we will have driven all the way from San Diego to Seattle from our time on this coast).

This part of the move is fun, challenging, exciting, and nostalgic. Our big life changes are punctuated with these trips. Our first trip to Seattle was our first big road trip. Our other huge cross-country road trip was to San Francisco when we moved into this apartment. It is only fitting that we get back in the trusty dodge neon, cross the Golden Gate Bridge, and take the scenic route north.

I am so excited for this, but it also means we have to figure it out fast and with minimal drama. First, we have to decide where we will spend the night. Since we are going to leave later in the day Friday, we are going to get as far as Eureka the first night. Then, Saturday night we are going to try to make it as far as Newport, taking our time up the Southern Coast of Oregon, which is supposed to be amazing. Case and point:
 The pictures of the arches there seem so amazing, and I just want Saturday to explore and be happy and not have to worry about packing or unpacking or anything else. I know Sunday we will rush to get to our house (can I slow us down enough to stop in Tillamook? That is the question), but I think one day of coast like this puts life into perspective.

 I also LOVE these trees growing on the rocks like this. I can't remember seeing anything that looked like that.
I want to know where this view is from so bad! Doesn't it look like it could be that same arch? There is a place called Cape Kiwanda, and I think this might be it. I can't decide. Oregon doesn't seem to have too much trashy fun stuff (which we love), but they certainly have oodles of scenic splendor. Still, you have to stick something silly in with all these oohs and ahhs, so this is the mix of what I have found so far:

Oregon is partially known for their tidepools, and I found this website with a map and list of some of the best ones.

Off the Beaten Path has a nice blog about the Oregon Coast, though it mostly doesn't offer substantial information as much as inspirational pictures.

Astoria OR is the main setting for The Goonies, so obviously we have to stop there and do the truffle shuffle or something. You can actually see a Goonies tour at

So, still working on this, but we are going to come up with a great trip! Or at least a not horrible, perfectly pleasant trip! Big dreams!

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