Menu Monday- Starting a Month of Throwbacks

by - Monday, February 03, 2014

The Boy and I are going to try to revisit our greatest hits in the last few weeks of living here. I am not sure what all that means (lasagna? turkey tacos?), but I am excited for a whole month of food nostalgia anyway.

Sunday- We went to a Super Bowl party at one of The Boy's friend's apartment, then we ate all the leftover salsa we made, because all they had were nasty wings.
Monday- Bao Sandwiches- we were feeling lazy. We were supposed to be cooking, but then we didn't. So it goes.
Tuesday- Pizza- The Boy makes this delicious pizza with hot sausage and basil and huge chunks of garlic. Excited for this one.
Wednesday- Leftover Pizza
Thursday- Hot sausage sandwiches? I think this is the way we are using up the hot sausage.
Friday- Food Trucks! We have

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