Menu Monday- Birthday Week!!

by - Monday, February 17, 2014

As is the tradition, the Boy gets to pick out all of our dinners between now and his birthday. Usually, this would mean a lot of eating out, because who wants to cook on their own birthday (or eat the food from their less-than-culinarily-adept wife). Apparently,he does want to cook. The movers come a week from Tuesday, so part of the goal is to just use up the food in our kitchen, and the other goal is to eat in while we still can (because I know there is a lot of eating out in our near future). So, here is the birthday week menu:

Sunday- Mussels with curry garlic butter and toast
Monday- Turkey tacos
Tuesday- Southwestern egg rolls
Wednesday- Lasagna (taking it for dinner to friends who just had their baby)
Thursday- Not sure. This is his actual birthday, so maybe we will eat out.
Friday- Food Trucks! Last time!
Saturday- This is the day of the actual movie marathon, so we will snack on Indiana Jones-themed snackies including:
Mummies in a blanket
Boulder cake
Something snake like? I have to work this out.
Cinnamon roll monkey brains

These are my ideas so far. What do you think I should make for the movie marathon?

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