February Fashion Inspiration and What Worked in January

by - Saturday, February 01, 2014

February Fashion Inspiration

from fab.com
 Basically, this month I just want to reunite with color. I feel like in efforts to dress and behave more like an adult, I haven't had enough straight up joy. For me, joy is color. And polka dots. So I have all these colorful things in my closet, but I have been mixing them in with neutrals too much! The madness has to stop! So the goal is more color in Fbruary.

from vogue.com
 Maybe not this colorful, but come on, this is way more fun with clothes than you are having today.

from lefashionimage.blogspot.com

Also, I just found this on pinterest and like it. Pencil skirts and bulky sweaters. I can do that. But my sweaters have to be shorter, for I am also not so much with the tallness.

What Worked in January

 When I wrote about gussing up last, I was getting ready to go to a black tie wedding. I wore a long navy v-neck dress, and I debated what to wear with it and how to do my hair. I picked gold things, mostly so I could wear my color wheel necklace that I love. I also bought sparkly gold pumps. I can safely bet these are the only sparkly shoes I will ever buy, but I did love wearing them.

I never actually planned the hair, thinking I would just put it half-up, half down. It didn't really work when the time came, so I just did a loose twisty bun thing. I tried to copy some pinterest thing, but who knows if it worked. I just kept twisting and bobby pinnning. They didn't kick me out for bad hair, and most of the pictures are from the front, so who cares really?

 Overall, we had fun gussing up. The dress was not entirely cooperative for the evening, but it felt special to get that fancy and go to a big party.This is my best advice if you are going to a black tie wedding:

1. Keep the dress simple. I noticed that I was not the only person who went navy, and most everyone there was in a single, relatively neutral color. Follow the invitation's lead- if it looks simple and classic, I would go that way too.
2. Practice your hair. Don't make my mistake. Actually know what you are doing.
3. Try dancing in your dress at your house. It teaches you things, like maybe your boobs are dangerously close to falling out, and it's fun!

Other than that, there aren't too many big clothes moments for January. I wore some coats and hats, and my bangs were wildly uncooperative. Otherwise, nothing too exciting.  

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